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Client: Refletion

Project: Content StrategY


The Challenge: Direct Reflektion's content strategy.

The Process: Write strategic content, using SEO best practices, for Reflektion's website, blog, social media, and marketing collateral — landing pages, case studies (1, 2), ebooks, etc. Work with CMO, PR team, and outside researchers to develope, direct, measure, and iterate strategy, campaigns, events, and outside publications.

The Outcome: Our social audiences have grown. Our search visibility, external links, keywords ranked, and domain authority have all gone up, and our lead generation has continued to increase.  



Client: The Freedom Story

Project: Website

The Challenge: Develop a new website from scratch for The Freedom Story with a contract web-designer.

The Process: Co-managed the website creation, leading the development of user personas and working with a web designer to produce wireframes, user flows, CTAs, and the site. Stortytelling is central to TFS's DNA, so we used story to drive the UX and dedicated a section of the website to tell TFS's many stories. Another unique aspect was a reading list with expandable synopses of essential books on human trafficking.

The Outcome: Pleased donors, co-workers, and board members, and an onbrand website that continues to perform — inspiring new supporters to action. 



Client: HUm∆N

Project: Landing Page and Editorial


Respond Creatively.png

The Challenge: Respond to the traggic events in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.

The Process: Worked with a group of creatives to create this video, website, and invitation.

The Outcome: Upworthy picked up the video, and it has been viewed over 100k on Upworthy and 20k on HUM∆N's Facebook page.






Client: The Freedom Story

Project: Overview Film

 The Challenge: Provided The Freedom Story an overview of their work in a clear, concise, and compelling film.

The process: I wrote the script – the problem, TFS's solution, and a clear call to action – and co-produced the film with Heidi Burkey Films. 

The Outcome: A short film that encapsulates TFS's vision and mission, and continues to be one of the most popular on the site.  


Client: HUM∆N

Project: #Vote for Us: Saul Williams for Bernie Sanders

The Challenge: Write a poem for the famous spoken-word performer and poet Saul Williams to perform in a video for Bernie Sander's campaign.

The Process: Jonathan Olinger and I co-wrote the poem; Saul Williams performed it.

The Outcome: Over 13.7K views and 214 likes on Vimeo.


Client: The Freedom Story

Project: Where I belong: A Freedom Story

The Challenge: Tell an emotionally and intellectually impactful story of the lives of two boys who are constituents of The Freedom Story. Do so in a way that honors their dignity, while connecting their common humanity to Western supporters.

The Process: Worked with Heidi Burkey Films to develope initial story concepts for the pitch and expand the storyline once a concept was accepted. I conducted significant research into statelessness in Thailand before shooting, helped prepare for interviews and in numerous ways when onset and filming, and provided editorial direction during postproduction. 

The Outcome: A beautiful film about the hope two brothers, who have led exceptionally difficult lives, found in dreaming, working to fulfill their dreams, and being supported along the way. The film was released for TFS's 2016 end-of-year campaing, which generated over 1/5th of annual donations. 







The Freedom Story / Social Impact Assessment

SIA Cover.png

The Challenge: Take over a research project that was being mismanaged.

The Process: I managed the international research team, wrote the literature review, and edited the final publication. It was a huge undertaking that I'd be happy to tell you all about over a coffee or beer.  

The Outcome: A social impact assessment report that revealed significant successes, several areas of growth, the needs and desires of The Freedom Story's constituents and staff, and an international nonprofit determined to understand its impact and contribute knowledge to the anti-trafficking field. 






The Challenge: Write an article capturing my CEO's passion for the power of and need for ethical storytelling in the nonprofit sphere as a way to introduce her new venture.  

The Process: Interviewed her, wrote the piece, got feedback, iterated until she was happy. 

The Outcome: A CEO proud to share her article across her personal and organizational channels. 







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